Your phone is smart. Shouldn’t your cameras be also?

Less Cams. More Views.

Patented hemispheric technology allow fewer cameras to provide more views for the money. In many cases, one overhead camera can replace 2 to 4 traditional analog CCTV bullet cameras, allowing you to cover more with less.

It's All Inside.

Everything (and more) needed to capture critical footage and gather information throughout your facility is built right into the camera itself. All data processing and recording take place on board thus eliminating network load.

Information is Power.

The real intelligence is in the metrics which these smart cameras can deliver. Imagine the ability to automate the counting of people and objects, study traffic patterns and capture critical behavioral analysis – all delivered straight to your inbox.

Eyes On Target.

Bleeding edge technology provides intelligent motion detection to help greatly reduce false alarms and reduce storage requirements. Customize exactly what and where you want recorded, and don’t waste time with meaningless alerts.


The c25 is our smallest 6MP hemispheric camera and comes with three clamps for easy installation in suspended ceilings. It can also be equipped with a telephoto lens and mounted above a cash box. The c25 provides high-quality video that is capable of displaying details as small as the serial numbers off of bank notes.

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The M15 AllAroundDual is the robust, weatherproof successor to the MOBOTIX dual camera. It features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. As a result, it remains totally unique in terms of performance, functionality and design.

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Almost Invisible

The S15 FlexMount is a universally deployable, easy concealable high-resolution video system. This fully weatherproof IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera by a sensor cable. Thanks to the hemispheric dual lens, two separate rooms can be secured simultaneously without any blind spots.

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See Your Business Like Never Before

First Security can configure a custom integrated video security system that will allow you to monitor as much or as little of your operations as you like – from anywhere in the world. Set up specialized alerts to notify you of abnormal activity. Even speak in two-way conversations throughout the facilities.

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