No power? No data? No problem.


Stopped In Their Tracks.

Highly sensitive and intelligent motion-detecting cameras capture criminal activity as it begins – giving you the opportunity to stop a crime before it happens.

The Power of the Sun.

Trailers are completely self-contained and can go almost anywhere. Large solar panels and backup batteries can power the trailer nearly indefinitely.

Lights, Camera, Action.

Mobile Alert Trailers are designed to deter crime by using a combination of bright lights, audible warnings and instant alerts delivered through the Verizon 4G wireless network.

Always On The Job.

Whether you are extending the area one officer can cover or seeking to lower the costs of traditional human guards, Mobile Alert Trailers work 24/7, 365 days a year without ever calling in sick or taking vacation.

Go Anywhere

Ruggedly constructed solar-powered units can secure valuable equipment, monitor work progress, and even record activity for liability purposes. Units are available for short-term rental, long-term lease, or purchase.

No Compromise

Trailers provide almost all the same features as their hard-wired counterparts. There is no need to sacrifice safety due to a less-than-ideal or temporary location. All activity is captured on the built-in hard drive and can be accessed by mobile device or computer anywhere in the world, regardless of the elements.

Patented Moonlight Sensor Technology

First Security trailers are equipped with cameras featuring 6MP “Moonlight Sensor” technology, providing remarkable color footage even when artificial light is scarce. Instead of one full second, the new 6MP systems can select 1/100 s of exposure time, which results in clear images of fast moving objects in low light conditions.

Sample YouTube video of Mobotix Camera System in action at night. Video courtesy of Onsite Guardian of LA.

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