UAV Surveillance

UAV Surveillance

One of the newest strategies for effective observation is the inclusion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in a comprehensive security program. First Security Systems is one of the few security companies in the country to offer this technology. By utilizing UAVs, it is possible to cover large geographic regions as well as “hard-to-access” areas on our customers’ property.


First Security Systems is uniquely positioned with the industry’s most innovative security technology manufacturers, which enables us to design, implement, and support the best CCTV solution for your company. With products from companies like CheckVideo, Brivo and Digital Watchdog, we are able to provide integrated surveillance, analytical video alarm, and access control that is both cost-effective and reliable.

CheckVideo ® – Hosted Video Surveillance to Reduce False Alarms

CheckVideo includes software and hardware options that allow it to be installed easily and cost-effectively in virtually any indoor, outdoor or remote location.

CheckVideo is a hosted intelligent video surveillance and alarm verification solution that provides critical real-time video alerts to verify and prioritize alarms, stop crimes in progress, and reduce false alarm fines. It “watches” every camera 24/7 for events of interest, enhancing existing security systems. Video alerts are based on the presence of people and vehicles, not just motion, and can be sent to a central monitoring service, email addresses, smartphones, and the secure CheckVideo Web portal.

The CheckVideo IP Camera incorporates a camera, DVR and high-performance video analytics in a single device at a breakthrough price point. It works with the cloud-based CheckVideo Software Service to provide a complete, expandable video surveillance and recording system with video management functionality.

“The CheckVideo IP camera gives dealers and users another way to cost-effectively connect to a monitored service or engage in self-monitoring without additional investment in software or servers,” said Phil Robertson, vice president, Security & Alarm Division. “Installation is a snap. With 802.11 wireless or Ethernet connectivity and optional Power over Ethernet, it’s a perfect solution for indoor or outdoor spot coverage in places where running cables is impractical.”

Small and unobtrusive in indoor environments, the CheckVideo IP Camera is also designed for outdoor use. The CheckVideo IP camera doesn’t require additional hardware or software on site or specialized IT skills for installation. Configuration and management are completed remotely over the Web, keeping additional service calls to a minimum. For more information, visit

Solutions, Scalability, Integration – The Definition of Digital Watchdog’s Security Solutions Since 1987

Engineered and manufactured in Korea and assembled in the United States, Digital Watchdog offers a reliable level of specialty in the manufacturing and deployment of analog and IP video security technology. Digital Watchdog’s highly-refined production process offers substantial savings to customers who require quality products on a “just in time” basis and in-house production and quality control allow the complete production of devices such as multi-terabyte recorders, advanced video imaging, pre-programmed network devices, and the proven security systems often required in today’s markets.

In addition to their proven product offerings, they take service and technology solutions to the next level with substantial investment in skilled industry professionals, online service capabilities, and application support.
As a further commitment to customers, Digital Watchdog now ships from both California and Florida. They offer additional capabilities to service Latin American and Canadian markets.